Month: March 2023

  • The Pickup

    The Pickup

    There is a curious thing I learned from U-Haul recently. That is that it’s hard to get a car trailer. Sure, we could have rented one up here in Seattle, but I didn’t really feel like dead-heading a trailer for 4 hours down past Portland. I figured, it would be easier to pick one up…

  • The Search

    The Search

    Late Winter 2023, we found ourselves in a situation where we needed a second car for family duty. As much as the kids love riding around in the Rx-7, the car can’t hold them both and swapping cars in the middle of day isn’t always convenient depending how many of us need to be where…

  • Grand Re-Opening of Mechanicjay’s Blog

    Grand Re-Opening of Mechanicjay’s Blog

    Years ago, there was a site at, which cataloged various automotive related misadventures. After a decade long hiatus, I’m back doing silly car things. Stay Tuned!

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